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Posts Categorized: Hardware/Software

What is a Server?

In an digital world, companies have a daily increasing need to stay connected not only to clients and suppliers, but also to coworkers. Sharing information among employees is essential to any modern business, and any business with multiple employees needs a good server. A server is more than just a computer, it’s a “computer designed… Read More »

What is a Firewall?

A firewall used to refer to a barrier put in place to protect against the spreading of fires. Nowadays, the term “Firewall” can refer to network security. Instead of protecting from fires, a computer firewall “is a software program or piece of hardware that helps screen out hackers, viruses, and worms that try to reach your… Read More »

Big Data, Basically

For a while now we’ve been hearing about “Big Data” and its effects on analytics. But before we can begin to use Big Data, we need to take a moment and make sure we understand what Big Data is. A more technical explanation of Big Data is, “the substantial quantities of data being transmitted through… Read More »

CoffeeScript, Ground JavaScript

For coders nowadays, three of the primary languages needed are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. While HTML and CSS can be pretty easy to pick up, some people struggle to learn the complexities of JavaScript. But what if there was an easier way to write JavaScript? Enter CoffeeScript! CoffeeScript is a JavaScript-like language used in place… Read More »