What is a Server?

In an digital world, companies have a daily increasing need to stay connected not only to clients and suppliers, but also to coworkers. Sharing information among employees is essential to any modern business, and any business with multiple employees needs a good server. A server is more than just a computer, it’s a “computer designed to process requests and deliver data to other (client) computers over a local network or the internet.” (Lifewire)

There are multiple companies and products on the market, each coming with a list of pros and cons. At ABR, we recommend Dell servers for your business. Whether you’re installing your first server, or outgrowing your old one, Dell has a huge inventory to help your business. If you’re not sure what server is right for your business, ABR offers network and server services. We’ll work with your current IT team (or be your IT team) to help you find, install, and maintain your business’ server.

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