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Posts Categorized: ABR News

Google Espresso: What is It?

Google has been working on improving their networking capabilities for a while now, and now they’re discussing the newest piece of it. Google’s new tech is a routing tool called Espresso. What it does: when you get on the internet, you are connected to it based off a specific point determined by elements such as… Read More »

CoffeeScript, Ground JavaScript

For coders nowadays, three of the primary languages needed are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. While HTML and CSS can be pretty easy to pick up, some people struggle to learn the complexities of JavaScript. But what if there was an easier way to write JavaScript? Enter CoffeeScript! CoffeeScript is a JavaScript-like language used in place… Read More »

Probe of US-based Turk hacker leads to Austrian intel fight

Associated Press By: George Jahn VIENNA — Austria’s intelligence services on Tuesday confirmed a news report that they have tracked down a U.S.-based Turkish hacker who attacked several government websites.The report in the daily Kurier cited the military intelligence service as saying that a Turkish activist directed the attacks from his home in Bowling Green,… Read More »

Tech Legacy of 2016

As 2016 comes to a close, here at ABR Systems Group, we are reflecting on predictions made at the end of last year to see how many actually came to fruition. In this brief video, Avnet, Inc. Chief Information Officer Steve Phillips reviews the top four information technology trends that he predicted just one year,… Read More »