Software Support and Training for your Business


Now that you have the best software to help your business run the most efficiently and profitably, you’re ready to start training your employees (and maybe yourself) on how to use it. Sometimes there can be a steep learning curve when it comes to training employees to use your company’s software. There are varying levels of work experience and maturity possessed by employees that can affect the total training.

Before you start, remember to help your employees to be as comfortable as possible before, during and after the process. They need to know that someone is available to answer all of their questions, and that there are no stupid questions when it comes to learning software for your business. The less intimidation employees feel, the better. Encourage questions and ensure there is an awareness that the software may be new to everyone, and the end goal is for every individual to be able to work in conjunction (and possibly within the team) with the company’s processes, in the most effective way possible. Or perhaps you aim to train a singular, new employee to use your software. In this case, the same rules apply. And either way, ABR Systems Group can help. We offer full training and support for your company’s software and its users.

For full end-user training, set goals. Since your reason for migrating or introducing new software is to increase productivity, include that goal in your training. To make the transition go as smoothly and quickly as possible, make sure your employees have the skill levels necessary to operate your new software.

Create a training plan, and like the above, evaluate your trainees’ skill sets to know how to make it as comprehensive as possible. How will your end users best accept the information you are to supply? You can provide instructor-led classroom or hands-on training, a group demo, computer- or book-based training, or a combination of any of those. Create a program that is effective and notable, conducive with your company environment and at employee comfort level. Make the plan flexible so that it will work for one person, or a small group, because even if you have more than one person training initially, growth will bring additional employees who may need the training.

Do you need to train your staff prior to software rollout? The same tips apply, just with a tighter timeframe pre-launch.

Regardless, ABR Systems Group provides software training for employees, as well as maintenance and support for your staff’s IT needs.