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Posts Categorized: ABR News

Local Official addresses Ransomware as Emerging ‘Troubling Trend’

Yesterday Kentucky Office of Homeland Security Executive Director John Holiday identified cyber-ransom as being one of today’s largest safety threats. Holiday’s comment came during Wednesday’s Rotary Club meeting when he spoke about various recent security breaches and how his department is focusing narrowly on this issue. Referred to as online extortion by Holiday during his… Read More »

Customize Your Software to Fit Your Business

Are you a small business owner in southern Kentucky who has considered looking into a more customized software platform for your employees? Companies often utilize custom software programming for critical functions like customer databases, inventory, and content management, and are sometimes developed to supplement legacy software. You may be considering a migration of your existing… Read More »

Software Support and Training for your Business

Now that you have the best software to help your business run the most efficiently and profitably, you’re ready to start training your employees (and maybe yourself) on how to use it. Sometimes there can be a steep learning curve when it comes to training employees to use your company’s software. There are varying levels… Read More »