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Success Stories: Southern Recycling

In the Fall of 2012, ABR was contacted by John Fellonneau, Vice-President of Southern Recycling. Southern was a joint venture of Houchens Industries and Sims Metal Management with headquarters and recycling operations in Nashville TN, plus additional recycling operations in Bowling Green and Owensboro, KY. Consideration was being given to Southern becoming a wholly-owned subsidiary of Houchens Industries, which would entail losing the operational support provided by Sims. Included in this support were all IT functions of the enterprise.

Within a 45 day timeframe, ABR was able to migrate Southern Recycling from an integrated corporate system to an independent system.

Following a referral from the company’s CPA firm, John reached out to Allen Riley of ABR Systems Group to determine what capabilities ABR could bring to the organization. We followed with a comprehensive proposal to outsource the IT implementation and support function to ABR. Upon acceptance of this proposal and the finalization of the corporate acquisition, on October 1 2012, ABR assumed the roles of IT management and support for the 3 locations of Southern Recycling LLC.

Within a 45 day timeframe, ABR was able to migrate Southern Recycling from an integrated corporate system to an independent system. A Microsoft Office 365 Hosted Exchange system was implemented under the new domain and all users were successfully migrated within 24 hours of the purchase transaction.

Business systems were migrated from remote corporate systems to local servers. This included multiple Microsoft Windows Server 2012 servers, Microsoft SQL Server, RHEL Linux, and MySQL databases. All local desktop and laptop computers at the three locations were replaced while integrating additional network devices, including printers, cameras, scales, and timeclocks.

Following the successful migration of the business systems, ABR provided the management and hands-on support to implement a new MPLS Wide-Area Network infrastructure for the company. In addition, this infrastructure provided the foundation for a new VoIP hosted telephone system for the company.

Today, ABR continues to provide the day-to-day support for the enterprise. We regularly meet with John Fellonneau, now President of Southern Recycling LLC, to evaluate current systems and how evolving technologies can be used to better serve their customers.


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To learn more about the IT Outsourcing and Support Services of ABR Systems Group, please contact Allen Riley at or by phone at (270) 796-8832.