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New Year, Same Malware

Businesses around the globe are geared-up and ready for the new year. They have made their companies’ resolutions, or perhaps set quarterly goals, yearly goals and are eager to have their best year yet. For cyber attackers, it is just business as usual. New year, same remorseless attacks and data manipulation. However, this year could… Read More »

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HDD vs. SSD: Choosing your Best Option

Until recently, when you went to purchase a laptop or desktop computer, your choices in terms of the type of storage were slim-to-none. Let’s say, for example, you were determined to find a low-cost and lightweight laptop option to distribute to your office employees. Typically referred to as an ultra-portable, these devices typically come built… Read More »

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Local Official addresses Ransomware as Emerging ‘Troubling Trend’

Yesterday Kentucky Office of Homeland Security Executive Director John Holiday identified cyber-ransom as being one of today’s largest safety threats. Holiday’s comment came during Wednesday’s Rotary Club meeting when he spoke about various recent security breaches and how his department is focusing narrowly on this issue. Referred to as online extortion by Holiday during his… Read More »

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Guest Blog Post: Insuring Small Businesses

This month, we’re proud to be featuring Lawton Insurance’s Director of Professional, Medical and Cyber Liability, Joe Davis, as a guest blogger. Joe Davis, J.D., cyRM, is the Director of Professional, Medical and Cyber Liability at Lawton Insurance. Joe is a licensed attorney and certified cyber risk manager. His business is focused on management liability, professional… Read More »

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SWARM Report: What it is & Why your Business Needs One

To round out September, we thought it’d be fitting to spotlight our newest FREE service — SonicWALL Application Risk Management (SWARM) Reports. We tried to explain the who, what, when, where and why of SWARM Reports, but figured no one could explain it better than ABR Systems Group Owner and Consultant Allen Riley. What exactly… Read More »

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