Your choice for IT consultants in southern Kentucky


Most small companies utilize custom programming in Bowling Green, Ky. and surrounding areas for functions including inventory, process, vendor and customer management, and are often developed as a supplement for legacy software. The custom software in Nashville is available to your small business in the Kentucky-Tennessee region.

To begin, ABR Systems Group gets to know your company, and discovers your needs based on processes and goals. We can create the right package to make your business run efficiently and give you the most ROI.

Whether your business is just starting out or is in a growth stage, our IT consulting in Bowling Green is available to customize your software and perform custom programming in Bowling Green, Nashville and beyond. If you are migrating existing data or replacing current software, we can provide IT consulting in Nashville on site, to help determine how to best migrate your data to new software.

Every business is different. Your goals won’t be the same as those of other businesses. Don’t settle for canned software solutions. A good IT consultant in Gallatin can help you understand the process and benefits of customized programming.

Once details are outlined for your needs, your designated ABR software personnel will research the best options specific to your company. Software design can be completed utilizing a model as part of the process. Various models include waterfall development, spiral development, incremental development and rapid application development, among others.

The ABR Systems Group team’s experience, skill set, and creativity will serve to determine what software development model will satisfy your business productivity requirements.

A design typically includes backup plans, and can include other methods that are tried and true. We aim to create a uniform, structured design that accommodates goals today and as they evolve. We’ll also ensure that semantic errors are minimized as we focus on the goal of the project, as well as the small details.

ABR will train your staff to use any customized and/or legacy software we install. And we’ll continue the process with you long after your software customization and integration, with reporting, testing, maintenance and support. Contact us today.