Windows Exchange Server for your small business

We all know the importance effective server software can have on our communications. Windows Exchange Server is one program that can help you streamline inter- and intra-office technologies. The server offers multiple effective tools for your small- to medium-sized business. For computer services in Bowling Green, Ky., ABR can evaluate your company’s need for an exchange server and help determine the right product for you.

The latest iteration of MS Exchange Server, 2013, brings upgraded components to the previous 2010 version. The server is more streamlined, with two simplified roles – a mailbox server role and a client access server role.

Exchange 2013 combines Lync and Sharepoint integration to bring the better of two worlds together in one product. The mailbox server houses email-related business including client access protocols, Hub Transport service, Mailbox databases and unified messaging. The Client Access server oversees authentication, redirection and proxy services as well as HTTP, POP, IMAP and SMTP.

MS Exchange Server 2013 ensures users are always in control of their communications at prompting with availability on all devices by the addition of Windows Outlook Web App (OWA), and supports compliance with basic anti-malware protection and capabilities including Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and PIN lock-enforced approved mobile device list removal. The In-Place eDiscovery interface helps you perform inbox-wide searches across Exchange, SharePoint and Lync data.

With improvements to OWA, Windows file servers, compliance tools and more, usage and speed are maximized for efficiency and sure to streamline employee processes, which will in turn benefit your customers and your business as a whole.

At ABR, we can assist with deployment and offer support and maintenance of Exchange Server 2013 for your small business. The most recent edition of Windows Exchange Server has flexible deployment options and custom instructions for installation or upgrade. We can help you manage with Exchange’s admin center. If you want to delegate permissions to ABR, we can handle tasks for specific job functions, and you won’t have to share your secure information with everyone.

For the best of computer services in Bowling Green, Ky., Exchange Server 2013 provides a unified user experience. Let ABR Systems Group help you set up and support your small business exchange server. Call us today.