Revisiting ransomware

Earlier this year we featured a blog series on ransomware to let our customers know what’s out there among small business technology foes. As a small business owner, you store tremendous amounts of data. Your company depends on your technology for day-to-day processes as well as for housing customer, partner and vendor information, not to mention your company financials. Any organization that stores personal data of any kind can be a target to cyber criminals. Therefore, you must have a plan for disaster recovery in Kentucky and Tennessee.
So what is the latest in ransomware? We’ve seen that new crypto-ransomware is continuing to materialize, and data capturers are still withholding files for payment. Ransomware is malware that finds its way onto your PC via different methods, like enticing you to click a link and/or download a file by posing as a viable sender or website. It prevents you from accessing your operating system and data. Certain apps, including your web browser, will be disabled. The main difference between ransomware and typical malware is that you won’t be able to use your files because they will be encrypted. They are held for a payment ransom and you’ll be tempted to believe you must pay up, because you will be notified that you’ve done something illegal with your computer and are being fined by a government agency or by the police.
Offenders will often look to target small businesses under the assumption that they have websites with unsecured, unpatched and unmonitored operating systems and servers.
Don’t let your business become a target for no other reason than that it is small to moderate in size. Call your IT consultant in Bowling Green. ABR Systems Group will help you ensure you have a plan for disaster recovery in Tennessee and surrounding areas.
Your small business security should be multi-layered and packaged with several components. There are many options available to your business. Your ABR network consultant in Bowling Green can help with the right anti-malware software for your business, and we can work with you on communicating to your employees the importance of being proactive and cautious with Internet use.
Call ABR Systems Group for details on protecting your business. Our small business IT support in Bowling Green, Ky. is here to help.