Computer networking – a look at AS/400


Companies run on different operating systems dependent upon their data computing needs. Are you looking for an IT company that will provide IBM I/AS400 maintenance in Kentucky? This month we’ll look at the ins and outs of AS400 and other older systems, as well as their importance for the companies who use them.

Many businesses still run on IBM I – formerly i-Series/AS400. This system originated in 1979 as IBM System/38, and was first made available alongside other products with different architectures. IBM launched AS400 in 1988 as a midrange computer to be compatible with legacy code programs. In 2000, the eServer iSeries was introduced briefly in a rebranding initiative. In 2006 the system was again rebranded as the IBM System I. Twenty years later, in 2008, it came to be what we now know as IBM Power Systems.

The OS400 is object-based, and features a menu-driven interface, multi user support, block-oriented terminal support and printers. The operating system supports security, communications and web-based applications that can be performed within the IBM WebSphere Application Server or others inside the native port of the Apache web server. OS400 offers file directories similar to Unix, using the Integrated File System.

IBM I/AS400 has an extensive library-based OS capable of supporting multiple servers including AIX, Linux, Lotus Domino, and MS Windows 2000 and Server 2003. The system is configured with the LPAR feature first introduced from IBM’s mainframe computers, and also includes an integrated DB2 database management system. Client-server systems are also supported. IBM I/AS400 also fully supports Java language.

The system, originally based on a custom IBM CISC CPU that used Internal MicroProgrammed Interface, later migrated to Power-based RISC CPU family RS64.

With today’s heavier use of cloud computing, mobile devices and analytics, systems like IBM I/AS400 are at times overlooked by system servicing IT companies. ABR Systems Group has full capabilities and a certified team to help small businesses in the area, installing and maintaining their IBM I/AS400 systems to keep them running without delay. We offer a number of services for computer networking in Bowling Green. If your small-to-midsize company is in need of IBM I/AS400 maintenance in Tennessee, Kentucky and beyond, give ABR a call today.