Cloud computing with IBM systems

In today’s era of cloud, mobile devices and analytics, IT decisions are more critical than ever before. Choosing IBM I running on an IBM Power Systems server as the foundation for a modern infrastructure means delivering on the promise of these key technologies. Companies need to know that their systems and business processes will meet the highest service levels defined by their business units, while being adaptable to handle every new business opportunity.

Does your small business in the Kentucky – Tennessee region utilize cloud computing, while operating via an IBM system? IBM has the capability to help your business create multiple opportunities, with its open and secure cloud-based data and analytics foundation to deliver business insights. Its infrastructure allows visibility and control.

For your computer networking in Nashville and surrounding areas, IBM offers components like hybrid cloud computing, which allows for full portability of apps, services and data, with greater visibility. Their open cloud offers interactive systems, data, applications and services. And your data will be protected while you remain in compliance.

IBM’s business components serve to upgrade processes with full data access and services on a wide platform for faster app development. IBM has more than 100 SaaS ready-to-use software applications with customizable solutions. PaaS developer services like IBM Bluemix cloud platform allow users to quickly develop and deploy across multiple locations. LaaS infrastructure for IBM Cloud presents a choice of open cloud infrastructure services for IT operations. Its wide variety of support options and control let you decide how much and how little, and consistent performance and power make your processes streamlined and efficient.

IBM systems for cloud computing offer numerous benefits for small businesses with a variety of customizable models from which to choose. And IBM has business applications with full development and deployment, and a wide spectrum of capabilities for businesses of all sizes.

If your small business utilizes computer networking in Bowling Green, do you use IBM Power Systems? ABR Systems Group is qualified to maintain older systems like IBM systems including AS/400 and more. Call us today, for help in choosing and maintaining the most efficient in IT solutions for IBM Power Systems.