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Posts Categorized: Security

Guest Blog Post: Insuring Small Businesses

This month, we’re proud to be featuring Lawton Insurance’s Director of Professional, Medical and Cyber Liability, Joe Davis, as a guest blogger. Joe Davis, J.D., cyRM, is the Director of Professional, Medical and Cyber Liability at Lawton Insurance. Joe is a licensed attorney and certified cyber risk manager. His business is focused on management liability, professional… Read More »

How to Remedy Ransomware

Ransomware is a type of malware designed to maliciously block or limit user access to a computer system or until a ransom is paid in exchange. Think of it as the digital hostage. Crypto-ransomware, or modernized versions of the typical infection, encrypt specific file types on infected computer systems and force users to submit the… Read More »

Business solutions in your area

Owning a small business can cause challenges when it comes to IT services. Smaller companies primarily exist without in-house IT infrastructures and require outsourced IT consulting in Bowling Green and surrounding areas. ABR Systems Group offers customized IT consulting in southern Kentucky for small- to medium-sized businesses. We’ll help determine what networking services in the… Read More »