Allow your employees to work from home using a VPN

If you are a small business owner in southern Kentucky, you may have been in a panic last week. That’s because we were inundated with an insane amount of snow – at least, for this part of the country. And for a short time, the entire affected area was, well, closed for business. Schools, offices and even restaurants were locked up. Residents, if they bothered leaving home, did so afoot for the most part.

What’s a business owner to do? Many can afford to throw in the towel for a day or two and head out, sled in tow, to the best hill in town. Others, due to high demand and remote clientele, are required to keep the ball in the air. This is where allowing your employees to work remotely comes in

To keep your people working, you’ll need them to access your company’s network from their home computers. ABR Systems Group can help with this. We assist many companies in setting up VPN connections for employees. VPN stands for virtual private network. A VPN utilizes the Internet to connect a private network to a larger one, such as a company’s internal network.

There are several types of VPNs to work with. And you don’t have to worry about risking your company’s data because VPNs use security methods including encryption to ensure only your authorized employees can access your network and its data.

Whether you want to plan for travel hindrances like bad weather, or you have a sales force that needs remote access to your network, setting employees up with remote access VPN connections in advance is crucial.

Due to an influx of telecommuting job positions available these days, VPN services have become an expanding business solution. There are more services available than ever, and you may be confused when researching companies who offer them. That’s another area in which ABR can help. We have experience in helping our clients get more for their money when it comes to selecting the right VPN service. Every small business in southern Kentucky is different, and has different needs. Not only can we help choose the right brand for your VPN service, we can help you set it up and teach you and your staff how to use it.

Be ready the next time there’s snow in the weather forecast by starting the process of setting up VPN connectivity today, and remember to contact us for all of your training and support needs in southern Kentucky.